Danielle Jennifer: An Interview

It’s rare that you find a duo as refreshing as Danielle & Jennifer that’s clearly so in love with music and its power over us. I recently was able to speak with ­them last weekend and they’re nothing short of fantastic. We bonded over Mexican food, which is always better in the sketchier parts of town, and about onsies are clearly the best things to hang out in when you’re sick. And I was surprised to find out that they actually got their start in acting (they were on Law &Order!) but made the transition to music later on. Needless to say the rest is history.

  1. How’d you come up with the name?

Well, we didn’t want a name we’d change in 5 years! And figured we can’t get rid of our names easily so we ran with it and it stuck!

  1. Favourite venue or gig you’ve played so far?

When we opened for The Veronicas and Lifehouse-we’ve been listening to them forever!-was probably the best gig so far and we played down in Pennsylvania. It was just such a fun atmosphere to be in.

  1. What’s in the works for you right now?

We’re currently working on a song for the Ronald McDonald Foundation called “Hello Sunshine”, which is meant to be a happy song. We thought it was going to be really tough to write but once we met the kids, it sort of just wrote itself! And we also started a campaign called “Damn The Butterfly” because we were both diagnosed with a thyroid disorder when we were 10 or 11, when the normal age is 40! So right now, we’re just trying to raise awareness about not only getting tested for it but also about the disorder in general.

  1. What’s the songwriting process really like?

Usually, songwriting sessions are therapeutic, a release for something you’re going through at the time which can be so frustrating because when you want to write something happier, like our song “Hello Sunshine”, the process gets harder unintentionally. But sometimes, songs just write themselves no matter what they’re about.

  1. Pancakes or waffles? Tea or coffee?

Pancakes! You can do so much with them! I mean there’s Nutella or those turtles involved on some. Plus, there was this one time we weAnd unfortunately, we’ll have to go with coffee because there’s so many variations you can do with it! Plus you can put milk in it….although you can do the same with tea….


DanielleJennifer is clearly going places. Their love of their industry coupled with a passion for giving back is abundantly clear. In the next few years, they’re looking to tour more, become more present in the music industry. Check out their website here, buy some of their music and keep an eye on them. They’re gonna do phenomenally.





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