‘Hallelujah’ by Pentatonix

If there’s a song that no matter who covers it or sings it will get me, it’s the song ‘Hallelujah’. I’m not even all that religious, I haven’t been to a house commissioned by God in years, but this song will give me shivers up and down my spine every single time and will make me think to grab a Bible ASAP. I’m not sure what it is about this song but damn.

Before I heard this version by Pentatonix, my go to’s were the original by Jeff Buckley or the one by Justin Timberlake. I would blast it, sing at the top of my lungs, and just cry. It was almost like an exorcism for the soul in a phenomnenal way. But this version by Pentantox is absolutely haunting. It’s shivering and it’s daunting. It’s chilling, even. And i think what makes it is the fact that it’s acapella. Meaning all the sound in the song is made by the five singers’ voices. That’s it. There’s no synthesizers, there’s no instruments, there’s not even a freaking piano. This song will have you entranced for the entire 5 minutes of the song, asif you needed any more reason to be besides the fact that it’s the song ‘Hallelujah’.

I could listen to this song several times throughout the day or any time i needed a rush from an acapella song. I highly recommend you listen to it. You won’t regret it

Texas State Fair

So I went to the State Fair on a team bonding event earlier this week and was slightly out of my comfort zone. I’ve never had a good experience at a state fair or fair of any sort so going here wasn’t exactly something I was looking forward to. But I went with an open mind and it was surprisingly more fun than I thought it’d be. Mostly because of the people watching and the fact that there was literally deep fried everything.

And when I mean everything, I mean there was fried butter. And fried Coke. And fried cookie dough. It was a bit absurd but you have to try it. After all, you’re at the Texas State Fair. Also, this place is freaking huge. It’s at the Cotton Bowl and the surrounding area. We were there for a few hours and I still don’t think we saw it all. There were rides, food, car shows, and so much more. Apparently, there was even a 1200 pound pig.

Though I’m glad I went, I don’t think I’ll be going back any time soon. Too many people and not enough air conditioning. But if you’re new to Texas like I am, I highly suggest you go! It’s definitely an experience.

Drip Coffee

So I’m sitting in this coffee shop that I stumbled up on Yelp because it’s a day where I got  my hair cut and I need to treat myself. Plus, who doesn’t love finding new coffee shops that smell like freshly roasted coffee beans as soon as they walk in? Just me? Okay fine.

It’s a cute local spot down the street from my hair salon and is very non descript on the outside but their vanilla latte is surprisingly good. Not the best I’ve had but better than expected. And its strong too, which is absolutely fantastic and surprisingly hard to find here in Dallas. But they do have free wi-fi which I throughly enjoy.

And they have ample seating too! Where you don’t feel like you’re taking up space if you sit and stay a while to work or catch up with somebody you havent’ seen in a while. It’s a cute spot that I just might come back to if I’m running into Trader Joes or getting my hair cut. Plus the name? Too adorable and I’m surprised somebody else hasn’t picked it up here in Dallas or anywhere else for that matter. Very clever, Drip Coffee, very clever.

Anyway, if you’re in the area and need a quick caffeine fix, I’d recommend it. But not necessarily to seek out solely for the ambiance.


The Songs That Always Get Me

So, as I’m sure it’s evident by now, I’m almost always on the hunt for new music. I love that first moment when you fall in love with a new band that just seems to get it. It’s a feeling unlike most anything and it’s almost exhilerating to find a new band that you just vibe with, even if there’s no chance that you’ll actually meet the band in person anytime soon. But this post isn’t about any new band that I’ve discovered lately. It’s about the songs and some musicians that always seem to be there, even when I move or change or grow in some way. These are the songs that always seem to be there when I need them, no matter how long it’s been since I’ve listened or the amount of times they’ve been on repeat throughout the years.

My best friend actually recommended I do a post on this because of our shared love of Josh Groban, 90s music, and the like. So here goes!

  1. “The Only One” by Tracy Chapman. Close seconds are “Fast Car” or her album called Telling Stories. But this song, whenever it comes on, I’m always reminded of the people I’ve lost and how I’m always left questioning “Does heaven have enough angels yet?” every single time. This song will make me cry and feel a wide array of emotions every single time.
  2. “Little Things” by One Direction No shame, I love One Direction. Especially if I need to reminisce about boy bands and not feel old for listening to the ones from the 90s. But I think this song was the one that solidified it for me. Because it put into words all the things I’m self conscious about in a relationship and that i really am worthy. Cliche and overdramatic? Possibly. It’s still true though. Plus, the music video is so simply stunning, especially for a boy band
  3. “Piece by Piece” by Kelly Clarkson. I freaking love Kelly Clarkson. There are so many songs of hers that I am in love with. Another favourite that always gets me is “Good Goes the Bye”. These two songs basically are all about how sometimes saying goodbye you care about immensely, albeit difficult, sometimes really is the best thing for your sanity and for your life. And though I can’t relate to her story of a father walking out on her at an early age, I can relate to the sentiment of friends or loved ones walking out for seemingly no reason and the pain that always seems to linger a little longer than desired. But it’s all about picking up the pieces, no matter how long it takes to do so. And once you find someone who restores your faith in love and happiness, it’s a feeling unlike anything else. This song will always make me cry.
  4. “Home” by Blue October. I’ve written about this song before, here, and it felt apt to include it in this post. It’s a stunning song that always reminds me that home isn’t always necessarily a place but a feeling you get. And no matter how much things change or how difficult they may get, home is always where the heart is. It’s always where you can come, broken or in full. Home is where you feel revitalized and like you can take on the world.
  5. “Dumb It Down” by Lupe Fiasco. I’ve always loved hip-hop to get me pumped for a game or for a tournament. But only recently did I start looking for the songs that actually had a message. I was tired of Lil John or the Ying Yang Twins because I look terrible getting low and still can’t shake it like a salt shaker. And like fate would have it, I stumbled upon Lupe Fiasco. This song is probably my favourite because he takes on all my qualms with the rap industry and how ‘dumbing it down’ may make you more money but it won’t help your conscious when you have a platform where you can speak out. And this song does it perfectly while still getting you hyped.

Clearly, there are more songs that dive deep into my soul but these ones top out the list every time. Let me know your thoughts and what your go to songs are!

Beautiful You by Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck Palahniuk is by far one of my favourite authors. If you haven’t read his book Fight Club, you absolutely need to. And don’t come to me with that BS that you’ve already seen the movie. Read the book. The ending is completely different. That reason alone should give you want to read it. Anyway. Moving On.

A while ago, I started reading Beautiful You because I was shocked there was a book by Palahniuk that i hadn’t read it. But then I knocked a glass of water on the book and wrecked the pages. #klutz. So I picked up another copy and continued on. First world problems, I know. But this book is absolutely ridiculus.

If you’ve read anything by him, you know Palahniuk’s novels often reach into subjects that are either taboo, socially unacceptable, or just completely out there. And Beautiful You is absolutely no different. The novel follows the protagonist, Penny Harrigan, on her journey from seemingly normal lawyer life to sex toy research and trying to take over the world of female pleasure. But this is not without the help, or rather direction, of a guy named Maxwell. He basically is the antagonist from hell. He injects nanobots into people through sex toys for Christ sake.

The book is over the top and ridiculous but all the same, you can’t stop reading. It’s in his style of writing that makes you keep wanting to know more. To know what happens next. To see how Penny and Maxwell battle it out and whether or not the world will be safe from a sex crazed society. But to be frank, the novel seems to take a darker note as well.

Beautiful You seems to satirize consumerism and how it escalates rather quickly without any provocation. But even though it sounds absurd and a little concerning, I promise it’s a good read. It’s a really interesting take into something not maybe people talk or discuss outside their social circles. And I’m pretty sure Chuck Palahniuk is the only author who’d really be able to deliver this novel properly. While not my favourite book of his, it was definitely worth the read. And I’d still recommend it.


Method Coffee

Recently, a friend recommended this spot over in East Dallas and I decided to take a chance. Their Yelp page looked fantastic, seemed to have the perfect blend of hipster and modern, and their coffee selection looked fantastic. So this morning, since I’m finally over a gnarly cold that had me waking up coughing (gross, I know), I decided to treat myself to a new coffee shop in a part of town I hadn’t really explored yet. Plus, there was a really cute dog in a planter that greeted me when I walked on the patio to go through the front door. Score!

I ordered a 2% lavender latte, a seemingly new go to order for me, and a cinnamon roll. Not the best for starting a healthier lifestyle, but hey. I’ve been better this week so sometimes you just need to treat yourself, right? Hopefully  your answer’s the same as mine – an enthusiastic yes!

What I really enjoyed about this spot is that it quickly became apparent that it’s a great place to work. Free wi-fi, ample table space, and enough places to sit where you dont feel too bad about comandeering one for a bit one morning. These are definitely some of the perks I look for in a coffee shop when I’m planning on spending at least a couple hours in to work on the blog, do some research, or even get out of the apartment for a bit. But i think my favourite aesthetic part of the coffee shop is the exposed brick wall they have by the barista bar. I’m a sucker for brick walls with wood accents. call me a secret hipster or the next fixer-upper star, I don’t care. But I love it. Feels super rustic, warm, welcoming, and very homey to me. Maybe it reminds me of my childhood or something, I don’t know.

But if you’re in the Dallas area, specifically just north of deep ellum, you should definitely check out this spot. It’s adorable, decent coffee, and an adorable aesthetic. I promise you won’t regret it.


When You’re Sick…

So i’ve been out of town most of last week and came down with a nasty cold over the weekend that I’m still recovering from. To be frank, I sound like an old lady who’s been smoking for 30 years. Which is better than the one who’d been doing so for 80 like I did over the weekend. Anyway, this is what always makes me feel better when I come home and rest.

A blanket fort, burrito, or just engulfed in them 

A large cup of herbal tea with lemon & honey 

A good binge worthy series on Netflix or any comedy including Will Ferrell or Ben Stiller 

These may seem nothing short of stellar or revolutionary but they work. I promise I’ll be updating more once I’m all the way better. I’m putting together some great ideas like desk necessities, and more for next week!

Stay tuned loves

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